Two tips for business owners who need storage containers to send their products overseas

Posted on: 16 November 2022

If a business owner wants to sell their products overseas and needs storage containers to ship them in, here are some tips they should follow.

They should choose storage containers that are large

When ordering their storage containers, businesspeople should ensure that they select ones whose dimensions will not only allow them to comfortably fit all of their products into them but which are also spacious enough to allow people to walk through them and reach the back of each container after it has been filled up with their goods.

Doing this will make it easier for those who will collect the products from the containers, after they arrive at their overseas destination, to access and remove items from this storage space quickly. They won't need to pull at the products and potentially damage them, due to these items having been stuffed into a container that's a bit too small for them.

Secondly, if the people who'll be collecting these products can walk into the container and reach the very back of it, they'll be better able to quickly handle any issues with the products. For example, if the products a businessperson will be transporting feature liquids, and some of the liquids stowed in the back of the storage container start leaking onto the floor, it could be very helpful for those who'll be collecting these items to be able to walk to the back of the container, remove these items and begin cleaning up the mess before the other nearby products get wet.

They should consider whether they need waterproof containers

Not all storage containers designed to be transported over long distances are completely waterproof; instead, many of them are mostly water-resistant and feature small vents that let air circulate inside them. It's important for businesspeople who'll be buying storage containers to consider if they need them to be fully waterproof. This might be essential if their products are ones which, if they come into contact with even a few drops of water, might be ruined.

However, it's also worth noting that if a businessperson is concerned about mould growing on their products, they might find it helpful to opt for a water-resistant storage container that has air vents instead, as the circulation of air could prevent the humidity levels in the container from getting too high and encouraging the growth of spores. 

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